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Diet for patients with chronic gastritis

In addition to drug treatment, patients with gastric diseases should pay more attention to diet, such as reasonable rest system and good eating habits, moderate rest, prohibition of smoking and drinking, prohibition of coffee and strong tea.

What should we pay attention to in stomach disease diet?
1. Regular diet: Regular diet can make the body form conditioned reflex, which helps the secretion of digestive glands, more conducive to digestion. Patients with stomach diseases should eat a moderate amount of food per meal. When the time comes, they should take the initiative to eat, whether they are hungry or not, so as to avoid overhunger or overfullness.

2. Chew slowly: Chew slowly can reduce the burden of gastrointestinal tract. The more times the food is chewed adequately, the more saliva is secreted, which has a protective effect on gastric mucosa.

3. Drinking water timing: The best time to drink water is on an empty stomach in the morning and one hour before each meal. Drinking water immediately after meal dilutes gastric juice. Drinking too much soup during meals also affects the digestion of food.

4. Avoid stimulation: do not smoke, drink less alcohol, eat less spicy food such as red pepper and pepper.

5. Avoid eating before sleep: eating before sleep not only affects sleep, but also stimulates gastric acid secretion, which is easy to induce gastric ulcer.

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