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Acne patients should eat less of these kinds of food

Diet is associated with acne. Certain foods are the trigger for acne exacerbation. The following foods may aggravate acne:

Coffee can keep people awake, but it can also aggravate acne problems. Certain organic acids in coffee beans can raise cortisol levels in humans. Cortisol can stimulate our sebaceous glands, which can aggravate acne. You'd better drink tea instead of coffee.

Milk does not make you white and beautiful. There is a close relationship between dairy products and acne. This is because dairy products can cause a sharp increase in hormone levels, which can lead to acne. Therefore, we suggest that acne patients should eat almond milk, rice milk, coconut juice instead of milk.

Peanuts contain androgens, which increase sebum production, leading to oily skin and acne. Some patients have white pustules on their noses because they eat too much peanut and peanut butter. We can choose other nuts instead of peanuts, such as walnuts and cashew nuts, which do not affect androgen levels in the body.

If one day you find acne on your mouth and chin, it's likely that you've eaten too much soy products. Soybean contains phytoestrogen, which is very close to human estrogen level. After eating soybean products, human hormone level will rise rapidly, which can induce acne. Many foods contain soybeans. It is recommended that you read the food labels carefully before buying them.

Sugar is a factor that induces acne, because some metabolites of sugar can aggravate the inflammation of acne, acne patients must eat more anti-inflammatory food. But this does not tell us to completely eliminate sugar in food. We can eat some fruit or juice instead of eating too much.

What on earth should we eat to avoid acne? We recommend that fresh natural food be the best choice. Eat as light as possible and avoid spicy food. Although we mentioned some food which is easy to induce acne, it also varies from person to person; these foods are not meant to be untouchable for life, just for the sake of skin health, acne patients should pay attention to a little.

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