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Cholecystitis patients should eat eggs like this to be healthy

Protein and fat in eggs can promote gallbladder contraction, so the key to eating eggs for cholecystitis patients is the specific eating method.

1. Eat chicken protein instead of egg yolk
Chicken protein contains little fat (less than 0.9%) and no cholesterol. People with cholecystitis can certainly eat it. If you are worried about yolk stimulating the gallbladder, you can choose to eat only protein instead of yolk. However, the nutrition of egg protein is not as good as yolk. If only eat protein, the nutritional value of eggs will be greatly reduced.

2. Disperse eggs in other foods
If you want to absorb the nutrition of eggs comprehensively without stimulating the gallbladder, you can disperse the eggs into other foods and eat them in small amounts and many times, so that the stimulation to the gallbladder is relatively small, and the nutrition of the eggs is also obtained.

3. Cooking should be less oil
When eating eggs, light cooking methods should be adopted. Be careful not to eat greasy eggs such as fried eggs.

Cholecystitis patients should avoid eating food that stimulates the gallbladder. The key is to control the amount of fat and cholesterol intake at one time, rather than restricting the consumption of eggs. Even if you don't eat eggs, eating too much roast duck, fried chicken, French fries and other high-fat foods every day is very harmful to the gallbladder.

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