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Diet for patients with gallstones

1. Avoid foods with high cholesterol
If people eat too much cholesterol-rich food (such as fried food, animal viscera, egg yolk, etc.), they are prone to gallstones, especially if you already have gallstones. If gallstone patients often eat these high cholesterol foods, it will cause excessive bile secretion in the liver, which can easily lead to cholecystitis.

2. Avoid spicy food
When we eat very spicy food, we often feel burning in the stomach. This is because spicy food can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, and excessive gastric acid will in turn stimulate the gallbladder, causing gallbladder strong contraction, which is also easy to cause cholecystitis.

3. Avoid tobacco and alcohol
We all know that smoking and alcohol are harmful to health. For patients with gallstones, the stimulation of smoking and alcohol may also cause cholecystitis.

4. Avoid overeating
Gallstone patients must not overeat, because overeating can easily cause gallbladder contraction, stone incarceration and cholecystitis.

Daily diet is closely related to our health. Gallstone patients must keep these dietary taboos in mind. It is very important to develop good dietary habits.

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