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Diet for people with skin allergies

Skin allergy is a very common form of allergy. About 15% of people have skin allergies. In addition to the usual attention to skin cleaning and hygiene, in diet, people with skin allergies should pay attention to nutritional balance, avoid eating foods that easily lead to allergies.

Why is skin allergic?
There are many factors causing allergies, including diet, mood and skin care products. These factors may lead to dry skin surface, redness, spots, eye swelling, acne and so on. Seafood, fermented food, spicy food, wine, inhaled pollen, dust mite, weather, chemical contact, detergent and so on are the most common factors causing skin allergies.

What should people with skin allergies eat?

1. Vitamin C: Eat more fruits rich in vitamin C, such as pears, kiwifruit, oranges and so on. Vitamin C can strengthen skin tissue, thus helping to combat foreign allergens.

2. Calcium: Eat more foods with high calcium content, such as milk, yogurt, etc. to enhance skin resistance.

3. Jujube: jujube contains a lot of anti-allergic substances (adenosine cyclophosphate), which can prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions. Those who have allergic symptoms can often eat some red dates.

4. Carrots: beta-carotene in carrots can effectively prevent allergic reactions such as pollen allergy and allergic dermatitis.

5. Honey: Honey contains certain pollen grains. Frequent consumption of honey will produce certain resistance to pollen allergy.

6. Flammulina velutipes: Frequent consumption of Flammulina velutipes is conducive to the elimination of heavy metal ions and metabolic toxins and wastes, and can effectively enhance the body's resistance.

What is the best thing for people with skin allergies not to eat?

1. Barbecue food: Barbecue food can cause great damage to sensitive skin and make skin seriously water-deficient.

2. Fried food: fried chicken, French fries, etc.

3. Spicy food: chili, onion, mustard, pepper and so on.

4. Drinking:Alcohol can irritate the skin. It is recommended to stop drinking.

5. Fish, shrimp, crab and shells. These foods contain substances that can easily cause skin allergies.

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