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Eating more oranges can prevent stroke

Studies have shown that women who eat oranges, citrus and grapefruit are 20% less likely to suffer from ischemic stroke than those who barely eat these fruits.

Eating more orange fruits may help prevent stroke, perhaps related to its flavonoids. It's just that researchers don't know which flavonoids work.

Flavonoids are the most abundant polyphenolic compounds in human diet. More than 5,000 kinds of flavonoids have been identified. Vegetables, fruits and chocolate contain flavonoids.

The researchers focused on the health effects of six flavonoids, including flavanone.

The study found that total flavonoid intake was not associated with stroke, and people who consumed large amounts of flavanone had a 20% lower risk of stroke than those who consumed the least. 95% of flavanone comes from orange fruits.

Oranges usually contain 50 to 60 mg flavanone per fruit. The study found that people who consumed more flavanone were 15% less likely to have a stroke than people who ate almost no orange fruit.

In addition, the researchers found no association between vitamin C and low stroke risk. Previous studies have shown that vitamin C is good for heart health.

In order to give full play to flavanone in fruits, it is better to eat fresh fruits directly instead of drinking fruit juice, because fruit juices on the market usually contain high sugar content, which can easily lead to obesity and unhealthy.

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