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Gout patients, Diabetics and baby Don't Eat Honey

Honey is a natural tonic with rich nutritional value. It has rich nutritional components and comprehensive health care effect. Honey can not only enhance immunity and alleviate fatigue, but also have the functions of beauty and whitening, moistening intestines and relieving cough.

Honey is a good food, but the following types of patients should be careful when taking honey!

1. Gout patients
Honey contains more fructose, according to research shows that, whether in gout patients or ordinary people, if excessive intake of fructose, will lead to increased serum uric acid, especially in gout patients. Increased uric acid can not only cause gout attacks, but also cause hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, arteriosclerosis, impaired kidney function and other serious health hazards if the situation is serious.

2. Diabetics
For diabetic patients, the control of blood sugar is a top priority, if the usual intake of sugar is too much, it will easily lead to increased blood sugar, aggravate disease symptoms, endanger health. Honey is a very sweet food, and its sugar content is also very high. When diabetics eat honey, they must be careful. It's better to control their daily intake, and remember to do a good job of blood sugar detection after eating.

3. Infants and young children under the age of 1
Although honey looks attractive to the naked eye, it is vulnerable to botulinum toxin contamination in the process of brewing, handling and storage. This kind of fungus is highly toxic. It is easy to induce breathing difficulties, dizziness, muscle weakness and other symptoms after being eaten, and even death due to respiratory paralysis. Infants under one year old have not yet developed their intestines, and their immunity is weak. If they are accidentally infected with Botulinum toxin, they will cause great harm to their bodies.

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