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How does alcohol damage the liver?

Liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. Once liver problems occur, it will endanger people's health. This is mainly because the liver is the largest detoxification and metabolic organ in the human body, and plays a very important role in the healthy development of the human body. But many people do not cherish their liver at all, such as alcohol abuse. Once people have the habit of alcoholism, it is very easy to cause liver damage, which leads to alcoholic liver.

When people take in large quantities of alcohol, alcohol enters the blood through gastric and intestinal mucosa first, then passes through the liver along the blood circulation and metabolizes in the liver. In the metabolic process, alcohol, that is ethanol, first converts to acetaldehyde, then continues to react to acetic acid, and finally converts to ordinary carbon dioxide and water to be discharged from the body. In this process, the harmful effect of acetaldehyde, the intermediate product, on human body can not be ignored. It can cause palpitation, blood pressure drop and other symptoms. It is often said that the face will turn red after drinking, which is also caused by acetaldehyde. Moreover, acetaldehyde, like alcohol, is an internationally recognized carcinogen. In addition, acetaldehyde has considerable damage to hepatocytes and promotes interstitial fibrosis of hepatocytes. Moreover, acetaldehyde also affects normal fat metabolism. Acetaldehyde is an important cause of alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Therefore, try not to drink alcohol. If you do not control the amount of alcohol you drink and the number of times you drink, it's easy to get alcoholic liver disease. In severe cases, it can also cause liver cancer. In addition, long-term drinking can also cause damage to other organs in the body, such as the pancreas, stomach and brain. Therefore, we suggest that we should drink as little as possible, so as to provide a healthy development space for the liver.

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