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Intestinal microorganisms play a vital role in human health

Microbial community in human intestine is a complex microbial ecosystem, and its composition plays a vital role in human health. However, little is known about the specific molecular mechanism between health status and intestinal microflora.

To study the interaction between diet, microbial communities and a group of chemicals produced by these microorganisms, Yale University's team analyzed the diet of 2,500 people and analyzed microorganisms and metabolites in their intestines.

The team's data suggest that the composition of intestinal microbial communities affects dietary metabolism, which may affect human health by regulating specific metabolites and their downstream signals. For example, intake of animal proteins and artificial sweeteners is associated with differences in circulating metabolites, especially bile acid and folic acid, which depend on the composition of microbial communities. Intestinal microbial communities can regulate the metabolic patterns of dietary nutrients, thus potentially affecting metabolism.

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