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Food that promotes male fertility

Semen contains more than 50 substances such as arginine, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, zinc choline and calcium. Men should eat more foods containing these elements in their diet

1. Foods Containing Calcium
Calcium plays an important role in sperm motility and fertilization. Therefore, if the body is deficient in calcium, the motility of sperm will be retarded and the activity of sperm protease will be reduced. So men should also pay attention to eating more calcium-rich foods, such as milk, dairy products, shrimp skin, kelp, mushrooms, sweet almonds, raisins and so on.

2. Foods containing magnesium.
Magnesium helps regulate heart activity, lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease and improve male fertility. Foods containing more magnesium include bananas, soybeans, potatoes, walnuts, oatmeal and leafy vegetables.

3. Foods Containing Arginine
Arginine is the main component of sperm structure, which can improve sperm motility. Arginine-rich foods are sea cucumbers, sea urchins, eels, loach, squid, cuttlefish, sesame, yam, ginkgo, peanut kernels, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pine nuts. For example, sea cucumber has been regarded as a treasure of invigorating the kidney, nourishing the essence and strengthening the impotence since ancient times.

4. Foods rich in zinc
Zinc is essential for sperm metabolism. Zinc can enhance sperm vitality. Zinc-rich foods include oysters, shrimps, clams, shellfish, animal liver, walnuts, milk, beans and so on. Note: The daily intake of zinc should not exceed 15 micrograms, because excessive zinc intake will affect the role of other minerals in the human body.

5. Fructose-rich foods
Sperm activity is related to the amount of fructose in the seminal vesicle. For example, low fructose content in semen can lead to an increase in sperm mortality. Fructose-rich foods: pears, apples, grapes, pineapples, oranges, peaches are especially abundant.

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