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What should smoking men eat in their diet?

Although smoking is known to be harmful, many men still find it difficult to give up smoking. So in this case, how to reduce the harm of tobacco? You can reduce the harm of smoking by eating some food.

1. Drink tea
Smoking men can drink more green tea, black tea, etc. Tea contains tea polyphenols, caffeine, vitamin C and other substances. These substances can decompose the toxic substances contained in tobacco. In addition, tea also has diuretic effect, which can make some toxic substances in tobacco excrete with urine.

2. Carrot
Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which can inhibit smoking addiction to a certain extent, and help to reduce smoking and quit smoking. Moreover, carrots contain a variety of vitamins, which can also supplement the vitamins consumed by smoking in men to a certain extent.

A component of grapes improves cell metabolism. Long-term smokers accumulate a large amount of toxins in their lungs. This component promotes the body to expel these toxins.

The colloid in Auricularia auricula can adsorb and concentrate the dust and impurities remaining in the lungs and discharge them out of the body, thus protecting the lungs. Auricularia auricula also contains anti-tumor active substances, which can enhance the body's immunity. Frequent consumption can prevent lung cancer.

Loquat is rich in nutrients and trace elements, which have protective effects on human respiratory mucosa.
For men who smoke regularly, they can eat loquat.

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