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Diet can also damage your skin

Diet can also damage your skin. For example, eating too much dairy products affects your endocrine system, which affects your skin. Women who eat too much sweets tend to have acne on their faces. Here are some foods that may damage their skin:

1. High Sugar Food
High-sugar foods can easily cause acne on the skin. If you happen to like sugary drinks or sugary coffee, it's time to get rid of this bad habit. In addition to sugary drinks, if you also like chocolate, cakes, etc., you should control your appetite and not eat too much high-sugar food.

2. Processed Food
Processed foods contain a large number of food additives, which are one of the main causes of pore blockage and skin aging. So, if you want to whiten your skin, stay away from these processed foods.

3. Caffeine
Caffeine can cause skin relaxation in women, so it is recommended that women who like coffee should choose coffee without caffeine. If you want to maintain good skin, drinking water is the best choice.

4. Seafood
Seafood is usually rich in iodine, which is metabolized not through the digestive tract but through the sebaceous glands. Therefore, excessive iodine intake can easily lead to pore blockage, acne, blackhead and other skin conditions. Crab and lobster contain the most iodine. Female friends are advised to eat less.

5. Dairy products
From a nutritional point of view, dairy products are great food. Its nutritional value is rich, can provide energy for the body, but also can supplement calcium, but if excessive intake of dairy products, such as cheese, milk, etc., it is easy to stimulate hormone secretion in the body, thereby affecting skin health. Studies have shown that excessive intake of dairy products is the main cause of endocrine disorders and wrinkles in women.

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