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Foods that whiten women's skin

1. Drinking water
The water content in normal human body is about 70%. When the human body lacks water, the skin will be dry, the skin will lose elasticity, and even wrinkles. Therefore, daily water intake must be guaranteed to meet the requirements. Generally speaking, a person should drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day, especially beautiful female friends, to consciously drink more water, preferably boiled water. Studies have shown that cool and white boiled water is beneficial to reducing muscle fatigue, eliminating fatigue and refreshing people's spirit.

2. Foods rich in colloid
Collagen can make skin cells plump, thus reducing skin wrinkles, while elastin can increase the elasticity of the skin, so that the skin is smooth and elastic.

3. Foods rich in vitamins and trace elements
Vitamins play an important role in keeping skin smooth and delicate and preventing skin aging. For example, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B are indispensable substances to keep skin smooth. Without these substances, the human body will suffer from dryness, cracking and desquamation of skin. Vitamin C can promote the synthesis of collagen, protect skin elasticity and reduce the metabolism and production of melanin, Vitamin C can prevent wrinkles appear and prevent the skin black; Vitamin E can prevent pigmentation, can effectively reduce the production of skin spots. Various fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and trace elements. In the daily diet, the proportion can be increased appropriately.

4. Eat more iron-containing foods
Iron is one of the main components of heme in blood. Heme plays an important role in the transportation of nutrients. To maintain skin whitening, sufficient nutrients must be provided to the skin in time, which requires adequate heme in the blood. Therefore, it is essential to eat more food rich in iron in the diet.

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