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What food can not be eaten during menstruation?

This article will tell you about what you can't eat during menstruation.

1. Fried food
Fried food belongs to high-fat food. If you eat too much during menstruation, it may affect the balance of endocrine, and then increase the secretion of sebum in women, making the skin greasy and sensitive. In serious cases, it may also cause acne, acne and other skin problems. Therefore, you can not eat fried chicken, French fries and other foods during menstruation.

2. Hot and sour food
Menstrual women must try to avoid eating hot and sour food, because hot and sour food has the characteristics of sour and astringent, in the period after eating will affect the smooth discharge of menstrual blood, especially for female friends with dysmenorrhea, menstrual eating hot and sour food will aggravate the problem of dysmenorrhea, therefore, hot and sour vegetables, mango, plums, orange. Avoid eating as much as possible.

3. Cold food
If a woman eats cold food or drinks cold drinks in her menstrual period, it will cause cold stagnation in her body, which will naturally affect blood circulation and may make blood stasis in uterine cavity difficult to drain, thus causing problems such as oligomenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

In addition, there are many foods that can not be eaten during menstruation. I hope every female friend can pay more attention and care to ensure their health. Never do what you want, it will only make more risks appear in your body.

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